Brand refresh can help maintain a top-5 industry ranking

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Conax specialises in ‘conditional access’ technology, securing content flows for payTV. A new CEO had decided to refresh the brand because their identity looked unimpressive beside competitors. He liked our approach, which relates all aspects of brand to a leading idea.

As we researched Conax we realised the entire PayTV market would fail if conditional access technology didn’t exist. So we crafted one which positioned them as critical to their business ecosystem: sustaining magic.

This can be read two ways. The most obvious is that TV (especially in its modern, digital, streaming form) is magic, sustained by the technology that safeguards its content. Equally, the magic IS the technology; thousands of individual high-bandwidth data streams encrypting, scrambling, unscrambling and decrypting all in real time. It’s a magic which sustains a whole industry. So there’s magic on the inside of Conax, as well as in the world they inhabit.

And so it proved. The company was bought about 18 months after relaunch by one of the market leaders in its field. Despite this it was quickly made clear the Conax brand would not be discarded – it had done too good a job of helping the company revive.

The big idea that re-energised the organisation is 'Sustaining Magic'

The rebrand has revitalised the organisation and changed the way they look, feel, act and think about themselves.

We created a stand out exhibition stand and transformed their office environment by introducing magic like cuckoo clock guest sign-ins to pool table library and hasselblad vases. Meeting rooms were called Metropolis, Solaris and Paris Texas.