Waking up one day to X, seriously no more Twitter?

Twitter being axed ought to be quite a big shock to it users but companies who rebrand successfully have to manage the communication very carefully. The question on everybody’s mind is will X be more profitable, since Twitter have almost always made a loss. The profitability of such a move would depend on several factors, including how well the rebranding is executed and the strategic goals behind it. Here are some considerations:

User Acceptance on X and letting go off Twitter

Twitter users love the humour and playfulness of the brand, send a tweet. I’m tweeting right now. Its a very actionable name. You couldn’t say I’m X-ing, sounds like you are grinding an Axe or sexting. All the humour is gone with X.

X is also like the cross button where you close the pop up window, so it always feels like a functionality or something negative or wrong. One can’t help feeling its lesser of a name. In fact many people are still refering to it as Twitter X, because X just doesnt sound like a brand or look like a brand.

Nevertheless the black and white X is serious and one might also say liberating, as Elon Musk unbanned banned users and fights for preservation of free speech. Advertisers have deserted initially but only to return again. In fact since X, users have increased by 25%. So whilst the rebranding is shocking, it is a move that is backed by exciting real change and really is not a lipstick on a gorilla.

Letter X on a black mobile phone

Expansion plans for X

Green wechat app iconElon Musk announced big plans for the X, that it would become the WeChat of China, the everything app, which combines messaging, social media, finances, dating and more. In terms of symbol and the name of WeChat, the brand itself is as generic as whatsapp, and yet it has no problem extending beyond the chat service.

But Twitter on the other hand was highly imaginative and iconic when it was first introduced, I would argue that the Twitter could extend into everything app too, afterall birds are such agile, instinctive and clever creatures. One can’t help feeling that X is more of one man’s ego, no need for consumer research or understanding of the brand equity of the Twitter brand.

X Annual Fee for users

This is a very smart move to monthy subscription for users, as an excuse to stem out bots. I can see this gradually transitioning into everything app once payments gradually introduced. When this is finally rolled out in all countries, X is likely going to be in profit fairly quickly.


Does the Twitter rebrand to X allows it compete with other competitors. Twitter just before being bought was at number 12 in terms of number of users. It has a long way to go. The question is will X brand do it. I actually doubt it. I think the X brand is too cold and not very engaging, its cool in a goth sense, he bought the Tesla dagger vibe to this, doesn’t have an inclusive playful vibe to win in this popularity game.

For a start for most of Asia, black is simply an off-putting colour associated with funeral and death. That as a colour to be the future of everything app and cross symbol which symbolises no go, could actually be facilitator of payment through, just doesnt emotionally get you there.


Based on our Brand Growth Potential rating, X would be a 6.5/10 it would face a up hill struggle to get to the everything app before the other social media could get there. Elon Musk vision always feels a bit far out, Tesla remains a luxury for the few, the X feels exclusive for those who gets it. 

When we evaluate the appeal of the brand we need to really consider it will realistically be part of everybody’s daily life, somehow I don’t see it. I can confidently say it will be a more profitable enterprise than Twitter, but X is not likely going to dent the popularity of the other competitors.

Written by
Kershen Teo
Creative and Brand Strategist

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