Altrient are the world’s first and leading liposomal health & beauty supplements

  • Client
    Abundance and health

  • Deliverables
    Branding, Packaging & Digital

Liposomals use a revolutionary gel delivery system to maximize absorption of vitamins, nutrients and bioactive compounds through the gut wall. These unique products benefit from a standout brand.

Pajama has developed a wide range of applications for Altrient including design for sachets and product packs, product literature, photography and illustrations.

For the Altrient website we devised an appealing and compelling interactive experience to wow first time visitors and convert new customers. The site’s structure and content are designed to deliver a customer experience rich in quality of content and ease of navigation.

Our responsive, content-contoured site for Altrient delivers effective, satisfying UX on mobile and tablet, delivering a high conversion quotient.

Icons and infographics make complex information easy to take in, accelerating the online customer journey.

Good results from reinvented product brand design and communication motivated Altrient to revisit their corporate branding and raise their profile still further.