Reborn electric

A new name in eletric fleet vehicles that offers huge opportunities for expansion.

  • Client
  • BD Auto and Energy Limited

  • Deliverables
    Naming, identity, website

BD Auto was an independent maker of all-electric vehicles looking for a brand that could raise their profile and attractiveness. They approached us in 2019 for brand advice and creation to help increase their visibility, memorability and attractiveness.

Our feeling was that ‘BD Auto’ was too generic and in effect anonymous. Granted ‘auto’ means vehicle (in US English and in German) but it is also the prefix to many words and a part of many phrases (such as “running on auto”) that are not connected with vehicles.

Our client, founder and owner of the company, was eager to ensure the electric and hence emissions-free nature of his technology should find some reflection in the name, look and feel of his company and brand.

In a very crowded category, we made a name that stands out and can be introduced by explaining the core of the product offer: Build Electric, Drive Electric, zerO emissions – BEDEO. It also happens to start and end with the initials of the company founder and head of engineering, Osman Boyner.

BEDEO has gone on to develop its offer with much-improved visibility and recognition. In 2022 the company appointed as strategic advisor the former CEO of premier German car maker Audi.

The new brand has rocket fuel the expansion and make a difference towards the cleaner air cities goal.

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