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This company makes specialist healthcare and emergency services software primarily for hospitals. Its customers are health regions and authorities, hospital groups and independent hospitals, emergency response and public safety bodies and medical research institutes.

Its origins were within the Oslo Rijkshospitalet as a team of high-flying programmers creating bespoke systems and software to support digital storage and retrieval of clinical records. At this time probably only payroll and other financial records had been digitised and there were no commercial software tools for running hospital healthcare and emergency services.

The founding team were able to buy out their unit and launch it as a business after a few years. They soon realised that there were good sector opportunities for consolidation and adopted a strategy of growth by acquisition based on a few clear principles regarding Intellectual Property.

This they pursued with sustained success, entering a wider range of Nordic and other markets and frequently expanding the range of healthcare specialisms their product portfolio could serve.

To mark two decades of commercial growth, with good prospects of expansion for the future, they decided to rebrand and invest for the first time in a professionally structured identity solution. Fruiting League were the chosen partners for this project and developed the new name and brand design that launched in autumn 2023.

Omda’s brand launch resulted in many enquiries from potential acquiree firms, unprecedented for them. The new brand was working from the minute it went public, creating excitement about the future in their own workforce, wide awareness within their sector and region and renewed interest and attention from existing customers, not all of whom knew the full extent of their offer.

A magnetic name that got everyone on board, clients and partners all love it.

A complete design system that redefine what a healthcare software brand could you like.

The new look and feel helped them to market new product lines far more effectively, and making strong inroad into new product catergories.