Proof, if needed, that you can’t keep a Goodmans down.

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    Brand refresh

Consumer electronics is practically a fashion category these days. Brands have to flex and refocus without missing a beat. We helped Goodmans penertrate new categories with a brand refresh in technicolour.

We began by considering the idea that should animate Goodmans as a whole. This is ‘brilliantly simple’. It captures the essence of their accessible positioning in a positive, design-relevant way. Goodmans products are attractive and affordable, offering up to the minute features and functionality.

This led to a new way of writing the name and a mascot to embody the brand spirit. The clever, darting squirrel is a friendly, farsighted presence, familiar and much loved in British parks and gardens. Squirrels find and store good things for later – so far so simple. Amazingly, they can always remember where they put them – that’s the brilliant bit.

Goodmans reported excellent results in its first year from launch, establishing valuable market share in product categories it had not previously competed in.

For the first time Goodmans has a mascot — a cheeky squirrel, drawn as a stylised capital G

Proof, if needed, that you can’t keep a Goodmans down.

The new look and feel helped them to market new product lines far more effectively, and making strong inroad into new product catergories.