As a national flagship brand the goal of being prized by the home crowd cannot be ignored and a new identity was launched with this objective some years ago. Following outstanding pilot results in Estonia the strategy was formulated as: being a Love Brand.

  • Client
    Telia Company

  • Deliverables
    Branding, strategy, digital and print

We came on board as the new brand implementation was moving beyond initial launch to help with rolling out the creative solution across many different media and markets.

This posed many technical challenges, notably around purple (of which there were five shades). As the primary brand colour it had to be realised across many materials as well as on screens. Non-designers (or anyone without a technical understanding of colour) may imagine all colours are reproducible in any medium or material but this is in fact far from the case. Sound brand design will always take account of colour management issues at an early stage, as once a company is committed to a palette there is little room for revision.

A multinational operator across markets varying greatly in maturity, affluence and design sophistication, the group faced problems in many territories with local resistance or incomprehension towards the original guidelines. We ran workshops with the brand and marketing teams in each operating territory in order both to understand the local challenges and then find effective ways of addressing them.

Overall our work resulted in a complete revision and updating of the brand design and implementation guidelines, in alignment with the ‘Love Brand’ strategy. We also looked at the full range of actual marketing and communications uses relevant to the client and developed a practical system for deploying all the design elements consistently while enabling the different markets to work both consistently and comfortably in the style best suited to their audiences. The ‘love’ is thus spread not only to customers but also among the staff and agencies most closely involved in doing the spreading – a real boost to making the brand a positive asset in business terms.

The focus was to create flexible assets which could be used easily to create engaging content for both print and digital channels.

We designed visual communication systems and guidelines for all digital touchpoints and OOH advertising.

We also worked closely with a CMS supplier to create a bespoke online brand platform available to all employees.